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What to expect when you return to gymnastics

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As the UK slowly comes out of lockdown, the number of restrictions on gymnastics will lift as we move back to normality. Here are the key dates to be aware of and what you can expect when you return.

Key dates to be aware of:


- Monday 29th March – outdoor gymnastics sessions for all and indoor gymnastics for disabled people
- Monday 12th April – indoor gymnastics for under 18s, coach led preschool gymnastics and parent and child groups and individual training for over 18s
- Not before Monday 17th May – indoor gymnastics for groups of over 18s and free roam preschool gymnastics and parent and child groups
- Not before Monday 21st June – gymnastics sessions with fewer restrictions

Northern Ireland

- Monday 12th April – outdoor gymnastics sessions for all
- Friday 30th April - individual training indoors
- Monday 24th May - indoor gymnastics for groups

For guidance in Scotland and Wales, see our Home Country guidance page or visit Scottish Gymnastics/ Welsh Gymnastics.

Think before you go

It’s important that we enjoy our return to gymnastics in Covid-secure environments and we continue to follow the recommended guidance that has been implemented to combat the coronavirus. This includes:

  • Washing hands regularly
  • Staying away from gymnastics if you feel unwell
  • Social distancing
  • Listening to instructions from your coaches and instructors
  • Getting ready before your session as changing rooms may be unavailable
  • Bringing your own training aids if necessary

New procedures in place
It is likely when you return your club or facility will have a number of procedures in place for before, during and after your session, similar to what was put in place before the last lockdown. This could include:

  • Set arrival and pick up times
  • Directions for entering and exiting
  • Capacity restrictions
  • Additional hand washing and hand sanitising stations
  • Floor markers and signage

Session changes
After months of inactivity, clubs, delivery partners and coaches have been advised to plan a phased, fun, and inclusive return to activity, ensuring that all gymnasts’ physical and mental health is considered. This means gymnasts may have to practice certain skills more than others at this time. Due to capacity restrictions, groups may be split and gymnasts may be asked to practice in certain areas of the gym to ensure social distancing guidelines are adhered to. Sessions may also be shorter in length to allow time for extra cleaning and crossover of classes within the venue.

Pair and group activities and coach contact
If you or your child are involved in team sport activities or activities that involve the return of coach contact, please be reassured that the actions being followed by clubs in our plans have been approved by the government. Therefore, some contact may be able to take place as long as the club or facility have put the appropriate control measures in place.

All contact in gymnastics sessions is optional and any gymnasts wishing to return to pair and group activities and/ or activities that involve coach contact must opt in.

For more information, please see our guides at the bottom of this article. 

Foam pits and equipment
Clubs can now reintroduce foam pits as part of sessions after research concluded that the risk of Covid-19 transmission in foam was low after one minute. Guidance has been shared on how to use pits safely whilst reducing the risk of transmission of the virus whilst also conforming to other cleaning protocols with other pieces of equipment.

Personal equipment such as hand guards/ gloves and loops should be taken home after each session and must not be shared. Gymnasts should also use their own chalk rather than communal chalk to reduce the rate of transmission.

Post session
Due to the timings of sessions, parents may not have the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress with their coach after their class however, we advise that you contact the relevant person via phone or email to discuss any queries, concerns or questions you may have about your child or their session. Of course, if you have any immediate concerns regarding Covid-19 or a child’s welfare then this should be reported immediately to your club or facility’s Covid-19 representative or the Welfare Officer or Safeguarding Officer.

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