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Acro & team disciplines given green light to return

Acro given green light to return 2
We’re pleased to announce that for clubs and delivery partners in England, set activities that rely on teamwork elements can now recommence in Acrobatic Gymnastics, Aerobic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, TeamGym and festival display groups.

This is following the approval of the Team Sport Framework Action Plan submitted by us to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). This approval applies to England only at this stage.

This is a very positive step for our safe return to sport.

What do clubs need to do?

Clubs and delivery partners who wish to resume delivery of the identified teamwork activities must adopt and adhere to the Action Plan and outlined control measures for the safety of everyone involved. 

This includes:

  • Having implemented the required controls set out in the Step Forward Plan and been successfully operational within those controls for two weeks
  • Completing and implementing a Team Sport risk assessment specific to their environment
  • Training for staff and gymnasts on the new practices and protocols
  • Making sure all gymnasts, and parents/guardians, who wish to resume working in teams, pairs and groups understand their responsibilities and abide by all control measures as outlined within the Action Plan

In addition, gymnasts (and their parents/guardians) who wish to take part in pairs and groups will need to provide their consent through an opt-in agreement (they can opt-out and stop team activity at any point).

Does this mean we don’t have to social distance in the gym anymore?

The approval of the British Gymnastics Team Sport Framework does not allow for social distancing to be removed from the gymnastics environment. The controls in this action plan relate to specific activities within Acrobatic Gymnastics, Aerobic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, TeamGym and festival display groups which rely on teams, pairs and groups. Where these activities are not being performed, social distancing must be adhered to (for example, during warm-ups, conditioning, and individual skill work) and does not allow for pairing or grouping within other non-identified disciplines. Coaches are still required to maintain social distancing with no permitted contact between coaches and gymnasts.

We understand the frustration and challenges gymnasts and coaches face when wanting to progress gymnastics skills without the ability to spot or support. However, full social distancing is still required and must remain in place when learning and developing individual skills. Where possible, skills should be broken down into progressions which can be performed safely without the need for coach support, utilising additional equipment and training aids if necessary.

We also recognise and understand that many of you would like to see an increase in capacity numbers. However, we all need to take a responsible and measured approach for the safety of coaches, gymnasts, their families and the wider community.

Please be reassured that we are continuing to plan and work with the DCMS on measures that can be put in place to eventually enable the full return of gymnastics including coach support, removal of social distancing and the return of education courses. We will update our community on this when we are able to.

Further information about the Action Plan, including FAQs, a checklist, a guide and a sample opt-in agreement for gymnasts and parents, can be seen here.