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Spiral Gymnastics Club in the Spotlight

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This month, we’re exploring creative initiatives to grow your Leadership Academy, supporting the next generation of your workforce and volunteers in your club. Spiral Gymnastics Club recently participated in a case study with Sport England, discussing how to engage with the wider community outside of gymnastics to motivate young people to get involved in our sport. See what Leadership Academy Captain, Julie Berry, said below:

“We're really proud of our Young Leader programme at Spiral Gymnastics Club and how we've seen it grow since we launched in September 2019.  We have chosen to take on a new group of Young Leaders each September to ensure an ongoing cycle of personal development opportunities and we didn't let the pandemic and lockdown get in the way!  

“Of course we have had to adapt and not all of our activities have been able to go ahead but it has given the Young Leaders new opportunities to think outside the box and come up with new initiatives to support the Club during these challenging times.

“Naturally, our Young Leaders tend to come from within our Club as our older gymnasts look to develop their leadership skills at the start of their coaching journey. We are open to all and recently, we issued a press release to showcase the wonderful work that our Young Leaders are doing to attract new members for our 2020 intake.

“When recruiting for the Academy, we also promoted the opportunity on Facebook and asked individuals to apply with a short paragraph as to why they would like to join the Programme and what benefits they believe it would bring (for both them and for the Club). We then used our existing Young Leaders to talk to prospective new members.  

“We've also taken the opportunity during lockdown to contact all local senior schools that our Young Leaders attend to highlight their work and again, draw attention to the Programme.

“As the volunteers are all young people, it's really important that we engage with parents and, as the Captain, I will always make myself available to parents who would like to know more about the Academy (In particular around time commitments) prior to their child applying.  A parent information document is provided to all interested parents and they are invited to join a meeting at the start of the Programme to ask any questions.”

Spiral’s Leadership Academy is a fantastic example of best practice, and how to get creative and encourage Young Leaders to be the best role models and ambassadors for younger gymnasts who may join the Leadership Academy in the coming years!