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Performance Pathway Symposium 2021 to be virtual

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For the first time ever, our annual Performance Pathway Symposium will be taking place online through a series of live sessions, staged across three weeks.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, we are virtually inviting our coaching community to come together from Sunday 17th January to Friday 5th February 2021 for a host of live talks and practicals, with our National Coaches and a number of special guests. 

The virtual Symposium will cover a variety of disciplines and topics that apply across the sport of gymnastics.

Through our Symposium, we hope to encapsulate the understanding of our sport, the young people we are working with and everything else that surrounds that. We will discuss the realities of coaching young people and the strategies that can be implemented to help young gymnasts achieve their goals.

"Our firm belief is that a young child has the potential to learn a multitude of skills through taking part in gymnastics," Says Alex McGregor, Performance Pathway Manager.

"Our aim is that every child on our Performance Pathway leaves the Programme feeling enriched by the process and having learnt skills that will benefit them in life, not just gymnastics.

"As such, we recognise the vitally important role that coaches play in developing a young person and we believe we have put together a really exciting and engaging symposium that will support coaches in their own development.”

The aim of this year’s Symposium is to connect with as many coaches as possible from a variety of disciplines.

Each of our live sessions will be run by our National Coaches where they, alongside our special guest speakers, will aim to engage, challenge and produce insight into some incredibly popular and useful topics in coaching. Attendees will also having the opportunity to field any questions they have about the sessions or about coaching with our Coaches or speakers.

Tickets are £20 for British Gymnastics members. Anyone who is not a British Gymnastics member and/ or lives outside of the UK will also be able to purchase tickets for the event. For further information please contact [email protected].

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