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Virtual 'Intro To... Judging' course now available

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We know it has been a challenging time over recent months, especially with disruptions to education and routines for young people. We appreciate how important it is to be able to offer opportunities for young people to continue to thrive, develop their personal skills and engage in their communities.

We have been working away behind the scenes to convert one of our ‘Intro To…’ courses to a virtual delivery. We are so pleased to announce that ‘Intro To… Judging’ will now be available as both a face to face course (when the time allows) and a virtual workshop. 

As with all other ‘Intro To…’ courses, the virtual ‘Intro To… Judging’ will be run on a demand basis. Clubs can choose to organise a course exclusively for members, if the minimum of 9 participants are met.

The introduction of the virtual teaching means that we can also offer the ‘Intro To… Judging’ as an open course. If your club cannot meet the minimum number of participants there will still be timings organised for individuals to enrol on to directly via the British Gymnastics website. You can search any open courses via the find a course search page on the British Gymnastics website.

To celebrate the launch of the virtual version of ‘Intro To… Judging’, we are pleased to be able to offer an introductory discounted rate of £20 per person on all 5 open courses. These are now available to be booked on to here for the below dates:

  • 5th December – 10:00
  • 9th December – 17:00
  • 18th December – 17:00
  • 22nd December – 17:00
  • 7th January – 17:00

Any closed course which is organised before the end of 2020, but not taking place until the New Year will receive the discounted rate of £20 if the following conditions can be met:

  • The course must be delivered by the end of March 2021
  • A tutor must be sourced and availability confirmed for the chosen date before the end of 2020.
  • Full payment of the discounted rate must be paid for before the end of 2020.
  • Minimum number of 9 participants must be met per closed course.

As with all 'Intro To…' courses, participants must be aged 11 on the day of the course. If your club would like to organise a closed course specifically for your members, get in touch at: [email protected]

*We are able to trial this roll out of ‘Intro To… Judging’ into a virtual offer as it is a bitesize, introductory level award which will only require a learner to participate in an online course for three hours. Longer, more in-depth courses would not be suitable to this delivery method.