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The Adult Gymnast Blog: New Year, New Approach (Again!)

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I managed to get one last session in before the end of 2020 at my local trampoline park. I wanted to practice some of my very novice acro skills, making use of the softer landing areas there. It’s also not a bad place to work on my leaps and jumps. I was hoping it would be as quiet as it was the last time I went but unfortunately, I’d underestimated ‘last day of school’ fever, so it was fully booked. I was still able to do a pretty good session, albeit with a fan club of 4 year-olds applauding and asking questions about everything I did. Later a parent asked me if I was going to the Olympics (I’d only done a front tuck…) I politely explained I’d have to be a LOT better than that!

Saying that, my session before this was good as well. I’d nailed my vault a bunch of times, which has been an issue for me in the past, and I also made progress on bars. Having had a bit of a beam meltdown the previous week, my skills were looking better. It’s amazing how things vary in gymnastics. I need to remind myself that I can do these skills now and hold onto that.

Just before Christmas, I joined my support bubble, as I live on my own, but little did I know that my area would be put into Tier 4 and then a few weeks later the country would enter another lockdown. Yet again, I am grateful for my parents for allowing me to stay with my gym equipment at their house during this difficult time. I’ve not been able to bring my air track this time round, but pretty much everything else came with me.

One of the things I learned from the first lockdown was that being at home presented me with an excellent opportunity to work on both my flexibility and my strength. I did a lot of conditioning and it paid dividends in the gym because my bars, vault and beam were much better. However, there is plenty more I can do. I discovered that Commonwealth champion and Olympics hopeful, Georgia Mae Fenton was running some Zoom training sessions. I attended one back in November, which she ran on bars conditioning, which gave me some excellent pointers and further conditioning ideas. When she advertised a session on leaps, spins and artistry I signed up straight away and was not disappointed. My spins have improved a lot as a result, although I definitely need to work on the consistency!

I think it’s worth accepting that I am frustrated by lockdown too, because I want to work on certain skills, which I can’t safely progress further on at home. I guess others will feel the same too. You’re allowed to feel frustrated, upset, angry, but it’s important to try and turn these negative feelings into positive actions. It can be hard when the ending feels so far off, but we will get there.

Stay safe everyone and if you’ve got any online training resources to share, please do post them on the Adult Gymnastics Facebook group.