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Tips for coaches on looking after your wellbeing during lockdown

Tips for coaches on mental health and wellbeingDuring this difficult time, it’s important to look after both your physical and mental wellbeing. Whether you’re a coach able to continue working remotely or if you’re currently on furlough, there are a number of things that you can do to boost your physical and mental health to help stay positive during lockdown.

Stay connected

Maintaining healthy relationships with your family, friends and work colleagues is really beneficial during this period of uncertainty. Staying in touch with the people you’re close to can help you feel less isolated and can also help those you’re in contact with. It may make their day to see your face and speaking to someone and sharing your feelings could also help them.

You can do this through phone or zoom calls, or you could stay in touch via social media, text or email. With colleagues at the gym, it could be that you arrange regular calls each week to catch-up and talk about what’s happening in and out of your club.

Create a routine

Being out of the gym in the evenings and on the weekends is bound to feel quite odd to many coaches and the pandemic will have caused disruption to any usual routines. To retain a level of normality, you could establish a new daily routine, pulling some familiar elements from your coaching life such as getting up at the same time, setting mealtimes, planning out work and activities and going to bed at your usual time. It’s important to remember if you’re working from home to take regular breaks and to stay hydrated to keep your mind focussed.

Keep moving

We know coaches are used to being physically active and so it’s good to continue this in lockdown. If you’re working and are creating exercise and conditioning plans for your gymnasts, why not try them out first? In line with the government’s lockdown guidance, limited exercise is allowed and getting outside each day, whether that’s for a walk or a run, can really help to improve your mood and take your mind away from any stress you’re experiencing.

Look at more online learning

This time away from the gym may also serve as a good opportunity to do things that you may not have had time to do before, such as online learning. On our website we have a range of online courses available on topics related to club operations including club timetabling, fire safety, cyber security and GDPR. See more on our club role courses page.

As well as this, UK Coaching have released a series of online webinars to further develop your coaching practices. You can access many of these for free on their website.

Find further support

There are a number of organisations that offer information and support on how to look after your mental health and wellbeing through the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

Below you can find some advice from Mind, the Mental Health Foundation and the NHS who can also be contacted if you need any urgent support.

More resources

More information and resources linked to mental health and wellbeing can also be found on the websites of the respective public sporting bodies across the home countries.