Kelly Simm relives her best achievements to date on new All Around Access Podcast - British Gymnastics

Kelly Simm relives her best achievements to date on new All Around Access Podcast

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British, European and World medallist, Kelly Simm, has been reliving some of her best memories in the sport so far.

Speaking as a guest on the latest episode of the All Around Access Podcast, Kelly talked about her proudest moments to date and picked three achievements that stand out. 

2014 Commonwealth Games
“2014 was my first real major competition at the Commonwealth Games. It felt like such a big event at the time. I almost felt like I didn’t belong there as everything was so different. 

“Then to get the team gold medal with the girls was just amazing, and I think that allowed me to start dreaming a little bit bigger after that.

2015 World University Games
“The year after, for university, I got to travel out to Korea and compete in the World University Games. That was amazing because I was out there on my own and I was chosen to be the flag bearer for the opening ceremony which was crazy. I mean, you never think you’ll get to do that, so that was surreal, and it obviously comes with a bit of pressure as well. I knew the flag bearer was expected to do a good job! 

“I ended up winning the all-around of that event, which I think was the first time a British gymnast had done that. I also won three medals in total, and my coach was with me on the competition floor, so it was such a special competition for both of us. I think that gave me a lot of confidence, that I could perform under that pressure on my own, and make individual finals and win individual medals. I just remember that being a turning point in my career confidence wise.

2018 British Championships
“2018 was when I won the British Championships and that was also really special. It was my coach’s big birthday that weekend, and I won’t say the number, he won’t want me to say that! But just winning that and having my coach on the floor, that just felt so surreal. I’d had two hard years of injury in 2016 and 2017, so to come back from that and to win the title that year, was just a huge confidence booster for me, and another massive moment in my career.”

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In the second episode of the series, Kelly was joined by eight-time major championship medallist, trampoline gymnast Laura Gallagher, as they answered some fan questions, talked about the importance of interests outside of the gym and looked ahead to the Olympic Games.

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