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Jody Kime named on UK Sport’s female coach leadership programme

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Women’s artistic coach, Jody Kime, has been named on UK Sport’s new female coach leadership programme which begins today.

Jody joins 26 other coaches from 15 sports, coming together as part of a plan to more than double representation in the Olympic and Paralympic high-performance community by Paris 2024.

Jody has been identified as one of 19 coaches with the potential to coach at the summer and winter Olympic and Paralympic Games from Paris 2024 and beyond. 

The participating coaches will be offered key support and development opportunities, including time to observe an assigned coach leader in their environment. 

The programme will focus on three key areas; leadership, environment and transition, all of which are fundamental to the coaching development journey.

Speaking about the opportunity, Jody said: “I am very excited about joining the UK Sport female coaches leadership programme. The opportunity to work with and share ideas with some of the world’s best high-performance female coaches across many different sports is an honour and a privilege – I can’t wait to get started.”

UK Sport collaborated with Performance Directors, Coach Developers and Talent Pathway Managers within the Olympic and Paralympic high-performance community, as well as UK Coaching, on nominating female coaches to be part of the programme.

Sally Munday, CEO at UK Sport, said: “It is really exciting to see such a large number of coaches from right across our high-performance community involved in this programme. We have an amazing group of coach leaders, who are the trailblazers and the people doing it now, and the opportunity for the 19 promising coaches to learn from them – as well as each other – is going to be incredible.

“UK Sport is determined to see greater diversity across the high-performance community and I know the role that I can play in championing this programme. I believe that each of the participants will become role models for the next generation of coaches and will truly enable us to reach our aims and ambitions for female coaches.

“I want to be able to reflect back that this was a turning point of truly making our workforce, in particular our coaching workforce, in the high-performance community far more diverse and a lot more equal from a gender perspective.”

We announced in November last year that Head National Coach for Trampoline, Tracy Whittaker-Smith will also be on the programme, providing key support and development opportunities for the next aspiring generation of elite coaches.