Update from new Interim CEO on the return of gymnastics in England - British Gymnastics

Update from new Interim CEO on the return of gymnastics in England

At the beginning of the year, Alastair Marks began his role as Interim CEO of British Gymnastics. Following encouraging news from Government for clubs in England last week, Alastair wanted to take this opportunity to provide an update on the return of gymnastics.

Over the past two months, Alastair has spoken with many members of the community, to better understand the challenges faced and how we can best provide support. 

The video update and content below aims to gives an overview on what we’ve been doing since the turn of the year to try and get the sport back up and running, as well as outlining our focus and commitment to working together over the coming months and beyond, to drive positive change for the sport.

Lobbying to support clubs and venues
We understand the difficulties facing gymnastics clubs and venues across Britain right now due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We are continuing to lobby government to highlight the vital role gymnastics plays in the community and to raise awareness of the financial challenges gymnastics providers are facing to try and secure additional support and funding, that will help see them through the months ahead. 

The importance of coach education
Even with the optimism of a return to the sport in mid-April in England, we know that the remainder of the year will be challenging for clubs, with the goal of reaching full capacity again. One key element is going to be getting coaches ready and assessed through our education system as soon as possible, whilst ensuring quality of delivery, to help support clubs to reopen and rebuild. 

As a result, we are doing all we can to get our courses, resources and assessments online to help remove the backlog. We’ll be publishing more detail in an update from Kathryn Bonner, our Head of Education, in the coming days. 

Thank you
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all clubs and coaches that have continued to stay positive throughout encouraging their gymnasts to take part in online classes and get creative at home, as well as recognising the lengths that they have gone to in order to prevent the spread of Covid, by taking on the advice and guidance within our Step Forward Plan.
We would also like to thank every club that has been supporting athletes during the pandemic with their preparations ahead of the Olympic Games. We would like to send our thoughts and best wishes to each and every one of you in the weeks ahead with your preparations. 

Working together to drive positive change for the sport 
Last week safeguarding practices in our sport were brought into question again. To be very clear, we believe there is absolutely no place for any form of abuse in our sport and we stand behind anybody who is willing to call it out.

What is very clear however, is that we all need to work together to ensure that we create the best possible environment for our venues, for our coaches, for our volunteers and gymnasts to experience gymnastics in the best way possible. It is clear we can also only create warm, safe and welcoming environments together, and we look forward to working with all of you in creating that environment.