Joe Fraser and Lee Woolls talk Olympic Games on latest episode of the All Around Access Podcast - British Gymnastics

Joe Fraser and Lee Woolls talk Olympic Games on latest episode of the All Around Access Podcast

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Parallel bars world champion Joe Fraser and his personal coach and City of Birmingham Head Coach, Lee Woolls, have been talking about preparations for the Olympic Games on the latest episode of the All Around Access Podcast.

The duo, who had a year to remember back in 2019 with Joe becoming world parallel bars champion, are ready to get back to competition following a year that has been disrupted by the pandemic.

Speaking about how preparations have been, Lee said: "Back in February 2020, we were ready for the Olympics and then obviously Covid hit.

"I didn’t really have a plan after that, probably until September last year. From that moment, we started to say, look, the Olympics is going to happen.

"The guys would come into the gym every day with the mindset that they were going to trial for the Olympics, so we needed to train like we’re going to the Olympics. September to December, we were just getting skills and combinations and looking at how we could make those marginal gains. From December, we’ve been preparing for the Olympic trials."

The Games are now just four months away and will see the very best compete for places on the podium.

Talking about what it would be like to win an Olympic medal, Joe said: "As a kid, I obviously dreamed of being an Olympic champion, but as I’ve got older I’ve just tried to focus on each routine as it comes, and then results will come off the back of that. 

"I’ve dreamt about the Olympic Games numerous times, and had multiple conversations with people that have been, and what the atmosphere is like. I obviously want to go and I would want to perform at my best, and I feel like we’re doing everything we can to make sure that happens."

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