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British Gymnastics statement on Court of Appeal judgement

Further to the initial judgement on 26 June 2020, by Her Honour Judge Melissa Clarke in the High Court of Justice, and after an appeal hearing on March 16th 2021, The Court of Appeal upheld the earlier finding that defendants UK Gymnastics Limited and UK Gymnastics Affiliation Limited have infringed the trademark rights of the British Amateur Gymnastics Association (British Gymnastics).   

The Court also agreed that the defendants are liable for passing off their business as having a connection with British Gymnastics. Because of this, the defendants will not be able to trade and market themselves as UK Gymnastics.  
The Court of Appeal did change the terms of the injunction which prevented the defendants from denoting to have some form of official or approved status or otherwise asserting to be National Governing Body contrary to fact.  British Gymnastics remains however, the recognised National Governing Body of the sport in the UK.   
The case focussed on British Gymnastics protecting its intellectual property and registered trademarks to ensure clarity of gymnastics provision in Britain and it hopes this now concludes the matter.  
British Gymnastics is committed to working with the whole of the gymnastics community in the UK to help the sport to thrive and deliver safe, rewarding and welcoming experiences for all.