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Update on online education courses and assessments

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In recent weeks, we have started to take the first steps in reintroducing coach education through the Return to Coach Contact Framework and the availability of our online Level 3 Theory course and new CPD module – The Coaching Process.

Now, we can provide further details on the next steps for online courses and assessments, allowing you and your club to progress with coaching as we start to see indoor sport returning in England and soon in Northern Ireland.

Online courses
From 21st May, we will start to contact learners who are part way through their course or have booked and paid for a course that hasn’t started, to rearrange their course as part of our new online programme. We will be starting with Level 1 General Gymnastics, Women’s Artistic, Trampoline and Acrobatics due to the demand from the community in these areas.

Pilots for General Gymnastics, Women’s Artistic and Trampoline will run throughout April, and a pilot for Acro will take place in May, with learners who have waited the longest since their course postponement.

As part of moving courses online, there will be some changes in the way that they are delivered:

  • Courses will be delivered in 3-4 hour blocks, over separate days to keep learners engaged. For Level 1 this will be over 4 days
  • Course dates will be closer together, rather than over a set number of weeks
  • Practical elements will be shown through videos and explained by tutors

Despite these changes, none of the course content will change and learners will still receive an engaging experience, as they would have through our face-to-face delivery. All learners will also still have time to prepare, complete their logbook and undergo practical practice before their assessment.

As venue hire will not be applicable for our online delivery, the price of these courses will be reflective of this with Level 1 courses being reduced to £259 for silver members.

Moving forward, we will be regularly reviewing the landscape around restrictions and looking at how we adapt the delivery of our Education programme. We have a number of plans ready for different scenarios but at this moment we cannot say how our whole Education programme will return. Our next step will be to look at Level 2 courses for these four disciplines, based on demand, before looking at Level 1 courses for other disciplines. At the same time, we will continue to monitor when it is safe for our wider face-to-face delivery programme to resume. We will continue to update the community as we progress forwards.

We appreciate that there are many members who are keen to undergo a new course after this year of standstill. Once we have managed to support those who were previously enrolled and are in the middle of their learning we will update the wider community on how to book onto new courses. 

If you live in Northern Ireland you will also have the opportunity to book onto new courses however, you will not be able to practice and prepare for elements that require close contact in the practical assessment until the return to coach contact framework is approved and implemented.

Online assessments
Starting with coaches who have completed all days of their Level 1 or Level 2 course, we will be running pilots of online assessments in June. In line with the Return of Coach Contact Framework, this should give coaches and gymnasts who opt-in to the Framework time to prepare for an assessment.

We will start by contacting those who have been waiting the longest and had their assessment postponed in March 2020 before working our way chronologically through everyone waiting for an assessment. Any coaches contacted who are: not ready to be assessed, have not returned to coaching, are on furlough or whose club has not yet reopened, will be kept in consideration for rebooking as we move through the coaches waiting for assessment so that they can take undergo their assessment at a time that suits.

Our online assessments will follow a similar process to our face-to-face assessments. Learners will need to submit a completed logbook in advance before being assessed practically doing all the component parts of a session, including the supporting of skills with gymnasts. They will then engage in a professional discussion with questions from one of our assessors. The difference will be that the practical assessment will need to be filmed by the coach in their own gym and uploaded in advance of the assessment date. The professional discussion with the assessor will take place online. All learners will be provided with guidance on what the video needs to include, how it long it should be, and how to upload it.

As assessments will be conducted online, there will be a wider range of times that assessments can be offered, including weekdays, evenings and weekends. 

If you live in Northern Ireland, we will be in touch to rearrange your course or assessment once coach contact has been reintroduced. 

In case you missed it, we have extended all registration periods including those on Level 3 and above courses to accommodate the disruption caused by Covid-19. Our Level 3 Theory course is also now available online and there are a number of dates available.

If you were previously booked onto a course for one of the aforementioned disciplines, you will soon be contacted about our upcoming courses. If you are waiting for an assessment, we will be in touch over the coming weeks to begin rearranging dates.

We would like to thank the gymnastics community for its patience and understanding over the last few months and we hope that our online delivery will be supportive of the sport’s return.

Please note: If you live in Scotland or Wales, details for courses will follow when there is further guidance in these home nations.