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Celebrating a return for indoor gymnastics

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Over the past few weeks, gymnasts all over England have been getting back into the gym, reuniting with their friends and coaches after months of lockdown.

Here is how some of the gymnastics community have been reacting to the return.

"Hearing the chatter of children’s voices fill the recently quiet gymnasium was heart-warming, and to see their beaming faces as they were being collected, talking about what they had done at lightning speed was amazing."

Cath Morgan, Club Manager at Fromeside Gymnastics Club

"Having our members back is an incredible feeling.  It's been heart-breaking walking in to check on our building and finding no movement, no energy and no passion pumping around the building. We're always honoured when our members allow us to share in their achievements and we can't wait to share their passion again!"

Andi Revell, Director and Head Coach at AAAsports Gymnastics

"Excitement is definitely high. Our gymnasts haven't just missed the sport but the social aspect. They have missed their friends and coaches. 

"The gymnasts are the key reason we do what we do.  We were so excited to just lay eyes on them and see how they are doing and become that outlet and release for them again from everything else that is going on."

Aisha Walters, CEO at Benchmark Gymnastics

"The club is in its 48th year and is one of the longest standing sports charities in the county. It has been an incredibly difficult time financially but having looked back over our social media for the last year, there have been some great moments - the toilet roll challenge, the many competitions, the themed zoom sessions, fundraising efforts by members.

"It has been a tough year for all but we are so grateful that we are out the other side and see our members return to gym safely."

Tracey Bullen, Chair at Swallows of Helston Gymnastics Club

"My daughter is so excited to finally get back to her gym classes soon! Catleaps have encouraged all their students to stay positive and active during lockdown; this has been good for my daughter's wellbeing. However, she cannot wait to get back to class so she can keep progressing, see her friends and get a virtual high five from her wonderful coaches!"

Kerry, a parent from Catleaps Gymnastics

Delighted by the news that many clubs are starting to reopen, British Gymnastics Interim Chief Executive, Alastair Marks, added: "I want to thank all clubs and coaches that have continued to stay positive throughout encouraging their gymnasts to take part in online classes and get creative at home, as well as recognising the lengths that they have gone to in order to prevent the spread of Covid, by taking on the advice and guidance within our Step Forward Plan."

"We’re absolutely thrilled that many clubs are now able to return to indoor training, and that members, especially young gymnasts who’ve missed out on so much over multiple lockdowns, can now get back to enjoying the sport they love."

As of today, many gymnasts in Scotland can also return to the gym whilst a return date for those in Wales and Northern Ireland moves ever closer.

For more information on what to expect when you return to gymnastics, take a look at our handy article. 

If you work in a club, visit our Step Forward Plan for guidance around Covid-19.