Celebrating Earth Day - British Gymnastics

Celebrating Earth Day

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We’re celebrating Earth Day by raising awareness of the positive change we can all make to the environment.

We continue to look at ways to make what we do at British Gymnastics more sustainable and better for the environment.

Whilst we know a lot more can be done, we want to highlight some of the changes we’ve made in recent years to make the organisation more environmentally friendly, as well as promoting some of the great work our partners are also doing in this area.

Changes we’ve made
Since 2016, we’ve taken a number of steps to make our membership packs more environmentally friendly, reducing plastics completely in that time and limiting our use of paper.

In 2017, we made the pack plastic free, replacing the membership card with a recyclable paper version. For the 2018/19 membership pack, we reduced paper usage significantly and for the 2019/20 membership year we aimed to move the packs completely online. From September last year, our membership packs have been paper free.

Members can now access the information they need through an online portal, and we’ve introduced extra member benefits as a result.

At British Championship events start lists and results are now provided in digital form rather than printed on paper, and plastic wallets for accreditation have also been removed.

We will carry on looking at ways to continue this work, and below, wanted wanted to highlight the great work some of our partners are doing in this area.

Our Official Leotard Partner, Milano, continue to have a sustainable approach to how they manufacture their products.

Alongside being a company that produces all of its leotards in the UK, Milano have also created a leisurewear range made solely from discarded nylon fishing nets. The inks in the Milano prints are water based too, to avoid any pollutants and toxic emissions.

Read more take a look at the leisurewear range.

CanO Water
CanO Water is our Official Water Supplier and is a company built on being sustainable, aiming to reduce the use of single use plastics.

They reduce the impact plastic bottles have on the environment by being 100% recyclable, with recycled cans back on store shelves in as little as six weeks.

CanO Water is now used at each British Championships, saving 100s of plastic bottles of water throughout the year.

Read more about CanO Water.

The Turmeric Co.
The Turmeric Co. were announced as our Official Nutrition Partner earlier this week and are also doing some great work in this space.

Their plastic bottles are made entirely of eco-friendly material. They’re 75% recycled plastic and 25% biodegradable plastic. These are plastics developed from sugar cane instead of environmentally damaging fossil fuels – which makes them fully recyclable.

Read more about The Turmeric Co. sustainability work.

Find out how you can get involved and read more about Earth Day by visiting the official website.