Aerobics Team's medal in Vegas - British Gymnastics

Aerobics Team's medal in Vegas

A.N.A.C Championships in Las Vegas

The British Aerobic Gymnastic Squad more than lived up to its early promise from the heats when all the gymasts produced their very best work in the finals, bringing home a whole clutch of medals

Medalists were

Nat Dev individual male - Marvin Gordon
Group 1 pair - Matt Saunders, Abi Butterfield
Group 1 group - Stella Vinet, Myfi Mountford, Georgia Mackie, Emily Boyce, Agharad Callaghan, Darcy Tyler

Group 1 female individual - Kayleigh Silva
Group 1 trio - Hannah Owen, Robyn Irvine, Olivia Farrance

Credit must also go to their fellow finalists Eleanor Ruffle, Katie Boyce, and Trina Rose who all upped their scores and placings from the heats, Hannah Owen who came a very credible 5th and senior female individual Amy Woods who upped her score in both the semi finals and again in the finals to come 4th.

Day One
The British Aerobic Gymnastic Team swung into action like a well oiled machine on the first day of the . With finalists in every category entered.

Amy Woods has qualified for the semi finals in the senior individual women and Trina Rose and Katy Ward have qualified for the group 2 individaul women finals in 11th and 12th respectively, in the preliminary round of the International Aerobic Championships
The semi-final for Amy Woods takes place today (24/07) and the final for both Katrina Rose and Katy Ward is on Saturday.

National development gymnasts Marvin Gordon and Eleanor Ruffle both made it into the finals in the individuals. In the age group 1, Kayliegh Silva and Hannah Owen are in the finals of the individuals, Matt Saunders and Abi Butterfield in the pairs. Olivia Farrace, Hanah Owen and Robyn Irvine got through to finals in the trios and the group of Emily Boyce, Angharad Callahan, Stella Vinet, Myfi Mountford, Darcy Tyler and Georgia Mackey join them.

Very credible performances from the rest of the GB squad brought comments from the judges regarding the consistency, quality and talent of the British gymnasts, with many of them just missing out on finals due to the rule of only two per country qualifiing.