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Teaching Gymnastics

Teaching Gymnastics

If you would like to teach gymnastics in your school, we can support you. Our education programme for teachers is very popular, with around 300 courses running annually. We offer a variety of courses to suit the needs of your school including gymnastic and trampoline gymnastics.

Through our courses you’ll develop the skills and understanding to support pupils within a school environment and deliver fun and engaging gymnastics sessions, both during curriculum and as an extra-curricular activity. Our courses are designed to ensure relevance to the changing requirements of the National Curriculum.

How to get started
We offer a variety of opportunities to support you in your first steps towards teaching gymnastics within a school environment:

Teacher's Introductory Gymnastics Award: This course offers an introduction to teaching gymnastics within a school environment. You will develop the ability to support pupils in fun skills such as rolls, leaps and the use of apparatus. You will focus on class management, warm ups and the importance of safety. The Teacher's Introductory Gymnastics Award progresses a little differently depending on whether you teach primary or secondary level of curriculum.

Teacher's Trampoline Part 1 Award: This course will qualify you to deliver trampoline gymnastics sessions within a school environment. Through the course you’ll develop the skills to support a variety of impressive front and back landings, twists and shaped jumps. You’ll learn about the importance of creating a safe environment and the code of practice when folding and unfolding the trampoline.

For more information explore our Teacher's Trampoline Part 1 Award

Additional education opportunities
To further your knowledge of teaching gymnastics and/or trampolining, explore our entire range of Teacher's Award courses