Trampoline - British Gymnastics


Chair Sharon Wood
National Competition Organiser Mike Armstrong
National Judging Co-ordinator
Andrew Jones
National Coach Education Representative Sharon Wood
National Disability Representative Dawn Lawson 


Clive Morgan (Co-opted) - World Class Liaison


Please note that the technical committee members will only respond to emails from official club representatives. Parents, gymnasts and coaches should direct their initial enquiries through the proper club channels.

National Technical Committees - Code of Conduct
The National Technical Committees' Code of Conduct can be downloaded by clicking here.

National Technical Committees - Technical Regulations
The National Technical Committees' Technical Regulations have been approved by the BG Board and can be downloaded by clicking  pdf here (224 KB)

Trampoline Technical Committee updates

  pdf TRA TC Update June 2020 (105 KB)

TRA TC Update June 2019



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