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Who We Are

The British Gymnastics Board of Directors set the strategy for the organisation. They regularly consult with staff, committees, clubs, coaches and volunteers to ensure that British Gymnastics remains a vibrant and progressive governing body.

British Gymnastics unifies the 4 Home Countries, the Isle of Man, 10 English Regions, over 1200 affiliated Gymnastics clubs, over 8,500 active coaches and an incalculable number of dedicated volunteers across the UK.

British Gymnastics Staff work across 3 Directorates, Sport, Corporate & Community Services and Strategy & Commercial Operations.

The Sport Directorate focuses on organising competitive opportunities at all levels; influencing capacity creation in clubs, lead on targeted gymnastics activities, creating a solution for all abilities; and developing talent, ensuring continual world class success.

The Strategy & Commercial Operations Directorate focuses on providing insight and analysis to enable the organisation to understand trends, opportunities and challenges, and provide the foundation to effective solutions; leading the organisation commercially: involving oversight of product management, the identification of new market opportunities, assessing product range and pricing, and directing marketing operations.

Corporate & Community Services Directorate have 2 main focuses, the Purpose of Corporate Services is to support the other 2 Directorates, under pinning the business with support in IT, Finance, Human Resources, Learning & Development and Safeguarding & Compliance. The Community Services area is there to provide support to our gymnastics community across Customer Service, Education and Volunteering.  We are focussed on a number of outcomes; providing excellent service and support to our members and clubs, increasing the quality and quantity of coaches; and connecting and supporting the network of volunteers and officials that keep our sport growing.  See What We Do for further information.

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