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Coaching Gymnastics

“I love coaching because it’s a constant challenge; trying to help gymnasts overcome barriers and achieve new skills. You see them grow and how it also helps with confidence and social skills which makes you feel like you’ve had an input into their development, no matter their ability. Recreational or elite you know you’re part of something bigger.” - Olivia, British Gymnastics qualified coach

Coaching is at the heart of gymnastics. There are lots of opportunities to get involved from coaching recreational sessions part-time, performing the role of Head Coach at a gymnastics club or specialising in high performance coaching with world-class gymnasts.  

Many of our coaches starting out are parents, gymnasts, teachers or people already engaged with the sport, who want to get more involved and make a difference by helping others to develop, achieve and excel. Some people want to explore coaching a little more before deciding next steps, whereas others have already decided coaching is for them and have chosen the discipline they want to pursue.

Whether you’re taking your first steps or looking to build on your existing skills and expertise, we offer a comprehensive range of courses to support you every step of the way and we can advise on which course is best suited to your needs and environment.

How to get started
We aim to make relevant information about the range of opportunities easily accessible so you can make informed decisions about the right course/training opportunity for you. We hope you will also see a route through your chosen coaching pathway, what might come next and how you can achieve your goals.  

Intro to... Coaching: (Aged 11-17) This course offers an insight into the role of a coach. You’ll learn the roles and responsibilities of a coach, develop a basic understanding of the technicalities of gymnastics and understand the role of a helper within coaching sessions.

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Helper Courses: These courses are aimed at anyone interested in learning more about how to effectively help in a gymnastics and trampolining session. They provide you with the key skills needed to help your Lead Coach run effective and participant-centred sessions. Completion of a Helper course allows you to help across a variety of recreational contexts, in clubs, schools or leisure centre facilities, with all ages from preschool to adults, including disabled participants.

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UKCC Level 1 Coach: This course will qualify you to be an assistant coach within your chosen gymnastics discipline. You will learn theoretical gymnastic knowledge such as emotional, cognitive and biomechanical development, as well as discipline specific practical skills. You will be able to support budding participants in a variety of moves and apparatus and help them in their gymnastics development.

Developing further skills and qualifications?

There are a variety of opportunities to progress as a gymnastics coach. Many of our coaches follow the designated pathway of their chosen gymnastics discipline working from the UKCC Level 1 Assistant Coach Award through to the UKCC Level 2 Coach Certificate, and may progress all the way through to a High Performance Coach qualification. Coaches can progress in levels or may prefer to add breadth to their skills by undertaking a course in another discipline. There is also the opportunity to take one of our add-on modules which build on previous knowledge and allow you to coach some of our newer types of gymnastics.

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Coaches often contact us regarding expected rates of pay. However, as a training provider and not an employer, rates of pay and links to potential employers fall outside of the remit of our information, advice and guidance service. An indication of potential rates of pay, along with other useful career information, can be found on the national careers service website: