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Whether you are a coach, instructor, judge, school teacher for gymnastics, or performing a club role, our aim is to provide the expertise you need. Here you can explore courses and qualifications we've developed to help you perform your role to the highest standards. We also have a range of CPD modules and courses to assist you in both remaining up to date and broadening your knowledge and skills. Our courses are recognised nationally and internationally.

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Delivering Rise Gymnastics

This online course is exclusive to British Gymnastics members and will provide you with practical support enabling you to deliver Rise Gymnastics effectively within your settings.

By the end of this eLearning course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the progressive pathway of Rise Gymnastics.
  • Understand how Rise Gymnastics is inclusive and aims to develop all gymnasts holistically.
  • Understand all components within Rise Gymnastics and how to deliver the programme within your setting.
  • Understand how to develop skills naturally and provide opportunities for the gymnast to achieve.
  • Online safeguarding refresher (released 2019)

    This online course is a fresh approach to safeguarding in sport and is designed for those who have previously attended the face to face Safeguarding workshop. The Online safeguarding refresher provides information and good practice guidelines to renew your existing child protection knowledge to ensure that you remain confident in recognising the signs of abuse, reporting concerns and protecting children from harm.

    The course is designed to add value to your knowledge and understanding of good safeguarding practice.

    Positive Coaching

    This course focuses on your role as a coach in the safe and positive development of your participants. It explores the development of belief systems, in particular your beliefs about success and failure, and how these impact you and your participants. Lastly, the course provides detail on strategies you can use to understand your beliefs and ensure you are positive in your coaching.

    This eLearning course is exclusive to and compulsory for British Gymnastics member coaches who hold a UKCC Level 2 (or equivalent) or above in any gymnastics discipline.

    It must be completed once and must be completed before you renew your membership. If you are not a member please visit our website to explore our membership options.

    Rise Gymnastics Online Workshop

    This workshop is exclusive to British Gymnastics members will provide you with an introduction to Rise Gymnastics; British Gymnastics' new fun packed programme that provides a journey through recreational gymnastics.

    The Rise Gymnastics online workshop will provide an insight into Rise Gymnastics, looking at specifically; What Rise Gymnastics is, why we have created Rise Gymnastics including the benefits of Rise Gymnastics.

    In addition, the online workshop will go into detail on where Rise Gymnastics can be delivered, who can deliver Rise Gymnastics, as well as looking at the rewards, what is included within Rise Gymnastics, and how to deliver Rise Gymnastics.

    The Coaching Process

    This CPD module explores topics relevant to coaches who are working with development or performance gymnasts or managing gymnastics programmes and teams of coaches. It is designed to either develop your knowledge or reinforce your understanding on the important topics of the coaching process, coaching philosophy, and the qualities of effective coaches.

    By exploring these topics in more depth, you are better equipped to reflect on and evaluate your own practice and support peers or those you mentor or manage. This reflection and evaluation are critical in your role as a coach, as they can facilitate change and continual development.

    This module specifically looks at the complex processes involved in coaching by introducing models such as Lyle’s (1999) Coaching Process. It also looks extensively at the range of topics you should consider when developing or evaluating your coaching philosophy. Lastly this module looks at the qualities of great coaches.

    On completion of the module there are additional Take-home Tasks which can help you apply your learnings in your coaching context, on your own, with peers or your coaching team, or with a mentor or manager. These tasks are designed to be flexible, to empower you to take ownership and make them your own, to ensure you get the most out of your time invested in CPD.