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Explore our Courses

Whether you are a coach, judge, school teacher for gymnastics or performing a club role, our aim is to provide the expertise you need. Here you can explore courses and qualifications we've developed to help you perform your role to the highest standards. Our courses are recognised nationally and internationally.

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Employment and Recruitment

Employment law is in place to guarantee a fair and safe working environment for both employers and employees. There are statutes and regulations which outline for the employer how their employees should be treated within the workplace. It is important therefore for employers to understand employment law to create the best working environment possible.

Recruitment needs to be carefully planned in order to attract the right type of applicant. Ultimately, this increases the chances of making a suitable selection and appointment. Whatever your involvement, this session makes it clear that it is important for you to understand the whole process to make an effective contribution to the staffing of your club.

Aerobic Gymnastics Level 1

This course will qualify you to be an assistant coach for aerobic gymnastics. 

Aerobics gymnastics is a thrilling discipline to coach. Participants perform dynamic routines made up of jumps and leaps as well as strength and balance elements. Your role is to help support and develop these skills for participants to enjoy. You get to work with mixed aged groups, both male and female participants, and form exciting partnerships. 

Many of our level 1 coaches are parents, teachers, gymnasts, or coaches of other disciplines. 

Tumbling Gymnastics Level 2

A level 2 qualification is the second stage of the coaching pathway for this discipline.

As a level 2 coach you will be able to work independently to help participants develop their skills, strength and co-ordination. You are able to lead your own sessions, mentor and oversee fellow coaches, and open your own club. You can also help participants develop the skills required to compete in entry-level competitions.

You will need to have already completed a UKCC Level 1 Tumbling Gymnastics Award.