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Entry Information and Rules

Judging Levy applied to all competition entries

  • The judging levy, which must be submitted with every competition entry, is now £50.00. This cheque will only be cashed if clubs fail to provide a judge for the competition.  If you wish you may submit one cheque at the start of the year which will be held until needed.  If you wish to do this, please don’t date the cheque.
  • Clubs are expected to provide a judge for the whole day even if they only have gymnasts from their club in one of the rounds. Failure to do this will result in the levy being cashed.
  • The money generated from the £50.00 levee will be used by the judging co-ordinator to explore the possibility of inviting other judges. Both from clubs not involved with the competition, or judges outside the LG Region.
  • The use of women’s judges at Men’s competitions is permitted but they will only be used for Floor or Vault.

MTC Judging Reward Scheme

  • The MTC have introduced the following Judges reward on a sliding scale for attending the Competitions:
    • £10 Club Judge
    • £15 Regional Judge
    • £20 National Judges
  • This would be additional to expenses which would be paid out as normal.
  • Payment will only be made to judges who stay for the whole day of competition.

Entry to the venue

All competitors and nominated coaches will be allowed free entry to the competition venue. Each club will be allowed to nominate one coach per gymnast in an individual competition and two coaches per team in team competitions, where entries have been submitted by that club.

Tenure of trophies

It is the responsibility of the Winner of any annual trophy to ensure that it is properly inscribed, cleaned and returned in time for presentation to the next holder either:

  1. By making arrangements for it to be delivered to the competition on the day or
  2. By returning it to the Competition Organiser one week prior to the competition

If a trophy becomes lost or stolen, please inform the LG MTC straight away. Failure to return a trophy may result in payment being sought in order to replace the original.

British Gymnastics (BG) membership and qualifications

  • From the 1st January to 31st September, gymnasts will be expected to bring their BG memberships cards to competition and show them at registration. Gymnasts who do not show their cards will not be allowed to compete.
  • Gymnasts must ensure they have ‘Competitive Membership’. Failure to do so will result in the gymnast being unable to compete.
  • Coaches and judges are also expected to show their BG membership cards at the start of the competition. Failure to do so will result in them not being allowed on the floor.
  • Because of the time it takes British Gymnastics to produce BG Membership cards in the period from 1st October to 1st January (3 month period), the LG MTC will except another form of proof from clubs that membership is ‘applied for’.

Coaching qualifications

  • The MTC is to reinforce the rule that coaches that work on the competition arena must be qualified to the level of the gymnast.
  • A copy of the coaching syllabuses will be made available to members of the MTC at competition and any unsafe gymnastics or skills performed beyond the level of the coach will not be accepted. The MTC Chair or someone designated by the Chair will have the powers to ask gymnasts to remove skills should they be considered unsafe.

Competition dates will be adhered to where possible, however, these may be changed if they clash with unpublished National events.


Latest Event Information
For latest event information including Entry Forms, Rules and Results can be found on the Find an Event link.
All competition entries to be sent to: Competition Organiser Lorna Goddard, Croydon School of Gymnastics, Strand House, Nursery Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey, CR7 8RE.

Acceptance of Entries

  1. All entries should be received by the Competition Organiser on or before, the closing date for that particular competition and must be completed in full, as directed.
    The person completing the entry form must ensure that all details are accurate. Requests for changes to an entry (which may arise from inaccurate information or completion of the wrong form for that particular competition / age group etc) after the closing date, may be considered as late entries and may not be accepted.
  2. The correct entry fee must be included with the entry form. All Cheques to be made payable to "LG MTC"
  3. The Competition Organiser acting on behalf of the MTC, reserves the right to refuse any entry and disqualify a competitor or team at any time, if they do not comply with British Gymnastics / London Gymnastics regulations.
  4. It is expected that all competing clubs will provide a judge for each competition in which it has gymnasts entered. Judges are expected to attend the whole day. All entries must comply with the Judging Levy rules (found in the MTC handbook).
  5. A signed Club Declaration Form.
  6. Late entries will only be accepted at the Competition Organisers discretion and by payment of the late entry fee £60.00. The competition information within two weeks of the closing date, please ring the Competition Organiser, as it is likely that you have not completed your entry correctly

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The MTC is anxious that the good discipline and behaviour, which is a mark of gymnastics, is adhered to at all Regional Competitions.

The following list is the normal rules of good behaviour that should be expected in any gymnasium and helps ensure that our young gymnasts are guided in good, courteous behaviour.

  1. Coaches must be able to produce their BG membership card at every competition
  2. Coaches should ensure that long hair is tied back and jewellery removed
  3. Coaches should wear suitable clothing for coaching, i.e. Tracksuit, Jogging Trousers – full length, T-shirt, Sweatshirt.  Shorts and Vests are not suitable gymnastic attire.
  4. Coaches must ensure that they have switched off any mobile devices whilst in the arena (and related areas) and ensure their parents have also been asked to do so.
  5. Coaches must ensure that their language and behaviour, is, at all times, appropriate to the sport, taking into account the ages of most gymnasts.
  6. Coaches are not permitted to eat, drink or chew whilst in the arena.
  7. Coaches are responsible for the behaviour of their gymnasts.  Please ensure that they are correctly dressed, register at the correct time, do not leave the competition arena without permission being sought and given from the Head Judge on the apparatus and the Competition Organiser.
  8. Clubs have responsibility for ensuring the good and courteous behaviour of their supporters at competitions.  Please ensure that: - Spectators do not make so much noise that other gymnasts are disturbed. Video cameras are kept in the spectator area (unless previous arrangements have been made with the Competition Organiser, and do not interfere with other spectator’s enjoyment).


  1. At ‘March in’ gymnasts are expected to march neatly and as directed by the Competition Organiser or one of the event team. Please remember to march neatly between rotations, ensuring that both gymnasts and coaches march around (rather than over) equipment.
  2. All gymnasts to be dressed in accordance with current FIG and National Regulations for male competitors.
  3. Gymnasts must not remove leotards until they are in the competitors seating area.
  4. All competitors are expected to enter the arena ‘smartly dressed’. Gymnasts should wear either a zipped club tracksuit or leotard with appropriate leggings or shorts. T-shirts and outdoor shoes are not accepted for March On unless instructed. All bags and equipment relating to performance must have been stowed under the gymnasts seating area for the first piece of apparatus.
  5. No form of body piercing is allowed or the wearing of jewellery as per BG rules