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What is the Performance Pathway?
The Performance Pathway will influence the very beginning of the talent pathway and look to raise the standard of the coaches working at this stage of a gymnast's development. The concept is to help and support coaches to reach excellence at the early stages of a gymnast's development to allow a sufficient number of exceptionally talented gymnasts to enter the World Class system with sound basic skills.

British Gymnastics aim to develop and deliver this via a network of Coach Education Clinics and regionally based squad opportunities. These will result in an increase in the number of coaches exposed to up to date methods and standards, earlier talent identification and the production of higher quality gymnasts entering the talent pool.

How does it work?
British Gymnastics have a dedicated Performance Pathway team who work in partnership with Regional Associations and Home Nations to deliver two new platforms within the Performance Pathway.

The first will be a series of Clinics tailored to each discipline. They are designed specifically to help coaches gain further knowledge and confidence in how to deliver foundation skills required for quality results at Elite Grade competitions. They will also help coaches understand and improve the preparation of gymnasts for competition. Clinics are aimed at all clubs and operating coaches between Level 1 - Level 3, although not exclusive to just this group.

The second platform will be to improve the quality and quantity of Regional Squad opportunities, by widening the base of the talent pool and improving the quality within it. This will differ from discipline to discipline based on regional need; however, the aim is to provide talented gymnasts with access to additional high quality training environments in preparation for regional representation at National Competitions.

Performance Pathway Coaches appointed by the National Coaching Teams, will have the responsibility of delivering and connecting content and standards from the World Class Programme down to gymnasts and coaches at a local level.

For more information please contact the British Gymnastics Performance Pathway team on [email protected].

Inclusive Gymnastics
Did you know British Gymnastics have a dedicated page on the website to support you or your clubs to become more inclusive.  Whether you need support establishing your inclusive programme or are looking to develop your inclusive programme British Gymnastics have a range of tools and resources that can support you in this. 

Below you will find a link to the Inclusive Gymnastics page on the British Gymnastics website which provides lots of useful resources and tools including a bitesize video, FAQ documents, additional needs information request as well as information on useful workshops and courses.  

In addition to these resources you will also find the Support Request Form which allows you request bespoke support from our dedicated Inclusion Team. To access the Inclusive Gymnastics page, click here

British Gymnastics also run Inclusion workshops which covers a variety of topics and also specific training. To see what is available throughout the country, please visit the course finder.  


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Please note the Gymnastics Northern Ireland (GNI) website is currently offline due to reconstruction.

We hope to have the new website up and running in the near future and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

In the mean time, for information regarding NI squads or competitions, please contact the relevant Technical Committee’s on the information below:

GNI Management Committee                                                 
Ann Marie Dalton
[email protected]

Robyn Hastings                                      
[email protected]


Elaine Bailie                                    
[email protected]

Simon Flannery                                
[email protected]

Acro & Tum                                                                                      
Shireen Moore                                               
[email protected]

Disability Gymnastics                                                                  
Hazel Coates                                   
[email protected]

General Gymnastics                                                                     
Terri Fisher                                       
[email protected]

For the British Gymnastics Northern Ireland office or general enquires please contact:

Olga Montgomery         
Northern Ireland Development Administrator                
[email protected]  or 0345 129 7129 ext. 2592 (Part Time: Mon-Fri 9.30-1.30pm)

Regional Welfare Officers:

Name: Email: Phone:
Jean McMahon [email protected] 07849444121
Helen Woods [email protected] 07934659340

AccessNI Disclosure forms have now moved online and you can apply by going to

You can also find guidance by clicking on the links below, or more information can be found here