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Womens Artistic

Could you be the next Champion?

The popularity and excitement of Women’s Artistics, especially since the days of Olga Korbut and Nadia Comaneci, has made this sport the most “want to do" for girls of all ages. It teaches children many physical qualities to combine strength, flexibility, stamina, body control, daring and artistry, which is demanding but is also the most rewarding, memorable and happy experience. From novice to elite the opportunity is there for all to achieve.

Women's Artistic showcases all round skills, you need: 

Strength and power for vault,
Skill and daring for uneven bars,
Elegance, flexibility and courage for beam, and
Skills, expression and originality for floor.

London Region offer many regional competitions at all levels, starting from 8 years up to 16+ at our Level 5 competition starting with elements to include forward rolls, cartwheels, somersaults, various leaps and jumps giving the opportunity to coach to the gymnasts potential and ability. Some of these regional competitions lead on to National level where they then attend Squad Regional Training. We have past and present National and International Champions, had gymnasts representing Great Britain in Olympic, World, European Championships individually and as a team.  

Opportunities for Coaching Clinics will be organised to improve techniques and knowledge. Clinics for gymnasts at all levels has been successful and will be part of our programme for 2013.

I have been Chairman for 5 years now and I have seen the standard of our gymnasts improve greatly, and this has now produced many champions and London Women’s Artistic is back on top, a clear indication of the expertise of some of our coaches. We have 3 gymnasts selected as part of the Olympic Hopes for Rio 2016 and have Tyesha Mattis, a gold medallist and the Individual All Around Champion in the Australian Youth Olympic Festival this January. The coveted Rose Bowl was won by London, the combination of Compulsory and NDP Grade National Final scores, which we had not won for 12 years. Let us win it again. We have the strength with the dedication, enthusiasm and knowledge of some of our young experienced coaches and high level coaches to have our young gymnasts become champions in 2013 in Compulsory Levels, NDP Grades, Voluntary Competitions, Regionally, Nationally and Internationally. I intend to organise more Regional Squad Training for all levels to help develop the skills and for the coaches and gymnasts to form a strong team.

I constantly look for ways I can help to support all the Clubs and Coaches, especially in encouraging the attendance of Clinics for coaches to improve their knowledge and upgrade their qualifications. We now have a strong network of tutors and assessors who hold coaching courses throughout the year. Higher level and Add On Modules are also available within our region. Opportunities are there for those who want to take it, but I want to see more of you to take this step forward.

I have supported and seen the dedication of Clubs acquiring, or in the process of acquiring, bigger and better facilities for their gymnasts. Not just for the demand of children wanting to learn this sport but to give them better opportunities to improving their gymnastic skills.

Our future looks even more promising. Bringing us all together, teaching, giving knowledge and encouragement. I am proud to be part of it.

WTC London Regional Representation

Gymnasts representing the Region in National or Representative Competitions will be expected to wear London Gymnastics Zone Uniform.

2013 Regional uniform price list

  • Competition Leotard - £30.00
  • Warm Up Sleeveless Leotard - £25.00
  • Child’s Tracksuit - £36.00  ( Jacket  £25 / Trousers  £11 )
  • Adult’s Tracksuit - £45.00  ( Jacket  £30 /  Trousers  £15 )

Procedure for ordering regional uniform - Zone Stall

  • Gymnasts and coaches must complete an order form immediately after qualification has been announced before leaving the venue. 
  • All kit must be paid for on the day by cash or cheque only. Credit/debit cards are not accepted for the purchase of Regional Kit.
  • The kit will be sent directly to the gymnasts/coaches home address.