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North Gymnastics


North Regional Welfare Officers:
Enid Harrison -
Lynda Kouache -

Safeguarding Officer North - Helen Murphy
07860 844160

For more information please visit the British Gymnastics Safeguarding and Compliance page.

This discipline is concerned with complex series of acrobatic skills performed in a specially designed 'track'. The North Region has been very successul at national and international level in this discipline.

The current Committee are:

Shelley Walton

Lynn Hope

Melissa White

Denis Robinson


Competition Handbook: You can download a copy here!

City of Stoke on Trent Gymnastics Club    

Phone Alison Clee   07503 191787

Women’s Apparatus:

Continental Sports A Bars with wires   3 sets

Men’s Apparatus:

Spieth Parallel Bars

Spieth High Bar

General Equipment:

Continental Sports Adjustable Single Bar.

10 Old Spring Boards

Vault Run Up

14m floor Carpet

This equipment is not new but would is still be more than adequate for most gym Clubs.