Joining for the first time

Welcome to the start of your gymnastics journey! We’re here to support you every step of the way.

This process will take 15 minutes to complete. If you’re unable to complete the process, any data you do provide will be deleted overnight.

To help you get started, please note the following information:

  • If you are under 16 years-old, you’ll need a parent or guardian to complete this process to create your membership account.
  • If you are aged 16 or older and have sufficient understanding to make decisions about your own personal data you can complete the process yourself. (You can get help from a friend or you can use an online tool to read the information to you, translate the text or enter the responses for you).
  • The membership account requires an email address to administer the membership account.
  • If you need to pay for membership, you'll need a credit or debit card.

Renewing your membership

Welcome back! We hope you enjoy another year of gymnastics with us.

If you are an existing member please click (on the button below) to renew your membership.

If you celebrated your 18th birthday since the start of the last membership year and you didn’t set up your membership account yourself last time, you’ll need to create your own membership account. Click on the ‘Join now’ button to start this process. You will get to keep your previous membership number if your primary contact details remain unchanged and we can match you in our database.