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Local Festivals are a chance for the gymnastics community to come together and organise a gymnastics festival at local level. This could be within a town or village, local authority area or across the whole county. Participants from BG Clubs, Partner Schools and Leisure Centres can all be involved in celebrating the gymnastics on offer within the community.

For help to get started with setting up a Local Festival, British Gymnastics have created a ' pdf Gymnastics Festivals Guide (709 KB) ' which details all the different aspects of event organisation. This easy to follow guide also includes template entry forms, budget sheets, risk assessments and a sample Team Information Pack.

To download this guide please click on the link below:

What is EUROGYM?

EUROGYM is one of the biggest gymnastics events specifically for young people aged between 12 and 18 years. A non-competitive festival event, EUROGYM takes place every two years, the objective being to unite young European gymnasts, providing the opportunity for gymnasts to perform their team display routines on an international stage.

Performances, workshops and parties, EUROGYM is a huge social non-competitive event for young people where everyone is welcome.

The event starts with an Olympic style Opening Ceremony, which is then followed by a gigantic welcome party for everyone, an amazing opportunity to socialise with people from different countries.

The mornings are spent taking part in activities, with over 60 different sessions to choose from, including wind surfing, archery, show dance, tumbling and rope skipping, there is sure to be something which will appeal. Skills learnt and developed in these workshops are performed alongside other gymnasts from across Europe during the final Closing Ceremony.

In the afternoons, teams perform their display routine on stages around the city; so all the local people can come and see you perform.

All the gymnasts from the Great British delegation will combine to perform a routine in the UEG gala.

Who is EUROGYM for?

EUROGYM is specifically targeted and tailored for gymnast’s age 12-18 years old. The minimum number for a team is 6 gymnasts and each team must have a minimum of 2 leaders. For teams with more than 24 gymnasts there should be 1 leader per 12 gymnasts.

Teams can register gymnasts aged 10 or 11 but these gymnasts cannot make up more than 10% of the team. 10% can also be order than 18 but no older than 20 years old.

Where is EUROGYM 2020?

The 12TH EUROGYM is being held in Reykjavík, Iceland in July 2020. The event is being organised by the Icelandic Gymnastics Federation and the Local Organising Committee in Reykjavík on behalf of the UEG (European Union of Gymnastics).

How much does EUROGYM cost?

The cost per person is approx. £410 exc. flights. This includes a £110 non-refundable pre-payment per person which is required before the 31st October 2019 to confirm an individual’s place at the event.

This includes the following:

  • School accommodation from Saturday to Friday (6 nights)
  • Breakfast from Sunday to Friday
  • Lunch and dinner from Sunday to Thursday
  • Entry to all ceremonies
  • Participation in 4 workshops
  • Two performances per team
  • Gym Zone
  • Transportation in relation to the festival (NB airport transfers and flights are NOT included)*
  • Great Britain Kit - 1 x T-Shirt and 1 x Hooded Jacket

How do you get involved or find out more?

If you are interested in finding out more, email [email protected] Due to this being a representative event as a Great Britain team, registration can only be completed through British Gymnastics.


My team don’t have much display experience can we take part?

Yes absolutely, the event is open to all and a fantastic opportunity with no pressure for the skill level in a routine to be a particular standard. Why not take part in a British Gymnastics GymFusion event prior to EUROGYM to gain experience or attend a GfA Choreography module for support guidance and new ideas?

Gymnasts will be at school during the dates; can they get time off to take part?

Yes, generally speaking schools will allow gymnasts to take time off to represent their country in an international gymnastics event, coordinated by the governing body. On request, a letter can be obtained providing information for schools about the event.

I don’t have any experience of taking gymnasts abroad; I don’t know where to start!

Don’t worry! There are lots of top tips on the British Gymnastics website and we will support you to organise taking part.

The accommodation is in schools; how does this work?

Teams will be provided with school class rooms, dormitories or boarding houses for their gymnast’s to sleep in, these are allocated to British Gymnastics guidelines, with separate accommodation for males and females, and under and over 18’s. The accommodation has been checked by the organising committee and been approved to meet the required standards, health and safety and fire regulations.

All the gymnastics from the British Delegate perform together in the UEG gala; how does this work?

The routine will be choreographed centrally and social media will be utilised to share the routine with all the attending teams. There will be time allocated throughout the week to get to know each other and practice the routine together.

What insurance is required?

All gymnasts must be BG members and have taken out travel insurance to cover the trip.

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Top Tips for International Festivals

1. Keep parents, gymnasts, coaches and leaders regularly updated on the plans – create a private online forum where everyone can share questions and answers etc. or have regular parent meetings starting about 12 months before the event.

2. Let parents know how much fun the event is while you're there. Set up a private Facebook group which you can regularly post pictures and comments on throughout the trip. Parents can also leave messages saving money on phone calls and texts.

3. Work with the gymnasts to put together a code of conduct to agree the rules helping to make sure there aren't any issues while you are away.

4. When needed, ensure the air bed you take is decent quality- there's no alternative once you're out there

5. Produce a gymnast pack for each gymnast. Include a photocopy of their Passport, European health card and personal travel insurance, Club membership/medical form and any medication.

6. Split gymnasts into smaller groups and put a different coach/ helper in charge of each group. You could have mini competitions between groups making it fun - it's an easy way for the coach in charge to keep everyone safe.

7. Provide a packing list for the gymnasts detailing what to include in their hand luggage and what to pack in their suitcase. It's a great idea to carry their display costume in their hand luggage in case their suitcase gets lost.

8. The coach in charge has the most to pack! Remember to take things like; a spare copy of music, spare costumes, a small padlock and key (if staying in a school you are normally provided with a locker), a spare 4 way adaptor and plug, a toilet roll, a sewing kit and a first aid box!

9. When you're at the festival, write up the following day's schedule where all gymnasts can see it. This should include what the gymnasts should wear and pack in their bags. It will save a lot of questions!

10. Take squash to flavour the water and some snacks. Identify the picky eaters within your group; they may want to pack some food to take with them.

11. Make the most of the opportunity and join in everything you can.

12. Take extra GB T-shirts with the union Jack on - these are really useful to swap with other countries' tops.

13. Book flights early and get better deals.

14. Set a timeline for where you need to be with the routine, the payments and all logistics, it will make the planning and organisation more manageable.

15. Take comfortable shoes as there is usually a lot of walking, and ample clothes suitable for the climate.

It’s impossible to put down on paper how amazing the event is. To try and convey this we have asked a variety of clubs and gymnasts who have previously attended to tell you about their experience:

EUROGYM is one of the best festivals I have attended. With great performance areas, workshops and parties, my gymnasts were entertained from 8.30am-10.30pm every day. Performing in front of 10,000 people during the gala is a display I will never forget. An experience of a life time - Wendy (coach)

Every minute of it was great... wish we were still there to do it all again! -Jennifer aged 14

EUROGYM was the most amazing experience…it was the best thing I have ever done. I cannot believe we actually represented Great Britain! - Iona age 12

Not every gymnast can say that they took part in an opening and closing ceremony, marched through the town carrying the Union Jack, performed in front of 10,000 spectators and wore a GB tracksuit…but our gymnasts did and will remember EUROGYM for the rest of their lives. - Ruth (coach)

What an amazing experience!  It was a good to spend time with the rest of the team and a fantastic opportunity to meet thousands of others from all over Europe! James aged 16

Jonas Juhl Christiansen who is a member of the Swedish Gymnastic Federation and a previous attendee at EUROGYM expresses his opinions of this event:

The joy of movement, the joy of friendship, the joy of laughter, the joy of summer, the joy of all those small, unforeseen elements and experiences that you just cannot put into words. EUROGYM is the perfect combination of all this – and so much more! Trying to express EUROGYM in words is nearly impossible. You honestly HAVE to experience it!

Ok, I admit, I am a true gymnastics geek – and proud of it! I love gymnastics and I absolutely love EUROGYM. It is about meeting others just like you from all over Europe and discovering that movement is life (which by the way is the slogan for 9th EUROGYM 2014). So I encourage you to start your movement towards Helsingborg and aim for a fantastic week together! If I can give you just one advice it is this: make sure that all your young gymnasts back home are not just offered the possibility, but also encouraged to par­ticipate in EUROGYM. Trust me: they will absolutely love you for it! EUROGYM can be the best week of their lives and you, as a responsible leader, can make it happen. The energy you will all feel during the performances, the joy of all the workshops and parties – memories that will stay with everyone for many years to come. The young gymnasts are at the absolute centre of attention at EUROGYM – all you have to do is help them into the spotlight!

What is a Gymnastics Festival?

A gymnastics festival is an event which consists of group displays to music with the use of props, costumes and visual effects to help enhance the routine. For participants, performing in a festival is all about having a fun and exciting non-competitive experience whilst being part of a team.

Festivals are open to all and are a great reason for gymnasts to continue taking part in gymnastics without the pressure of competition.

How can Festivals help you?

Festivals are a great way of keeping teenagers engaged in gymnastics through offering a fun, social and non-competitive opportunity.

A festival is one of the only gymnastics opportunities where all aspects of gymnastics can be brought together in one place, with lots of differing abilities, levels and disciplines all performing together.

Festivals are an opportunity to make new friends who share similar interests from all over the local area, country and even worldwide.

Festivals give the opportunity for coaches and gymnasts to express and expand on their imaginative side, choreographing routines to music which can include all disciplines of gymnastics using apparatus (small and large), costumes and dance styles. The rules allow a never ending spectrum of performances to be created.

How to get involved...

There are many different types of gymnastics festival so there is plenty of opportunity to get involved.